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A British F1 test driver, Mark Webber, embarks on a journey to Tokyo to meet the world-renowned car modifier, Wataru Kato of Liberty Walk. As their paths intersect, Mark uncovers the profound connection between Kato's supercar modifications and the roots of Japanese street drifting.

Intriguingly, the world of street drifting in Japan is a clandestine, underground society known only to its participants. With Kato's guidance, Mark and his team venture into this shadowy realm, but they quickly learn that gaining acceptance as outsiders is no easy task. Here, professional reputation and track records hold no sway.

The question looms: Can they penetrate this secretive world, and how will they fare in the birthplace of car drifting? Through their gripping journey, we gain profound insights into the minds and lives of professional drivers, uncovering the relentless pursuit of speed and the burning passion that
drives them forward.

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