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Scripted | Historical| Horror

In the harsh Victorian conditions of East London, Mary Kelly falls on hard times after the death of her husband. Her only saving grace is to rescue young girls from falling into the same unfortunate fate as hers. Her regulars can barely pay her – due to the numerous killings in the neighbourhood – except for her unusual gentleman client, Mr. Smith. Strangely, he never requests the usual physical intimacies, but only for her to spend time with him reading poetry. Even his promise to take her away from this wretched life in the city cannot fill the hidden void inside her heart.


- 5 Episodes x 30 minutes + companion P.O.V. stories of “The Killer” and “The Victims”

- Extended-reality (XR) immersive theatre, combining virtual reality (VR) P.O.V. angles on Jack the Ripper’s victims

- Further VR narratives regarding other characters in physical immersive theatre, including an AR escape room and other mixed-reality (MR) role play

- Brand-integrated location-based XR activation (comprising VR, AR and haptic sensor suit)

- Digital graphic novel (modernized From Hell) with AR overlay

- VR-led video game assets + mock-up game

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