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Drama: 2D/VR series

Based on true events

Carlos Nascimento is an eleven year old boy growing up on a tiny island in the Azores, Portugal in mid 19th Century. He dreams of escaping the tiny island of Corvos and becoming a writer. But the harsh reality on the island is to follow his father's footsteps as a successful whaler. 

He reluctantly undergoes the physically arduous training of the life as a hunter on a ship. But, he secretly accumulates his knowledge of the world and various stories from books given to him by his older brother, Eduardo, who is a priest on the island.

His adventure not only will extend to North American and South American continents, but will go on to becoming the legendary publisher who single-handedly modernising the Latin American publishing business. Before his death in mid 20th Century, he founds the greatest writers known across the two centuries by discovering the literary greats, such as Pablo Neruda and Gabriel Mistral.

Also befriended, the classic American writer, Herman Melville, who wrote "Moby Dick". As well as forever changing the literary scene in the Latin American history.


His untold story of the legendary Chilean publisher, Don Carlos, is revealed with the 2D TV series and VR companion piece to experience a first of it's kind, cross-media storytelling.



TV Reality Show

A Malaysian girl finds her calling within the most brutal sport that exists. Her very existence changes when she finds herself cornered in dark alley from the neighborhood gang.

“The Cage” is an unprecedented TV documentary/drama series focusing on the personal journey and the struggle of an Asian female MMA fighter. Instead of the usual narrative format, each episode takes the fighter’s view by re-enactment to tell a compelling story. The season is a collective events interconnected to each episodes for the final event – the fight in the “Cage”

A character-driven action reality/documentary – 40 min. TV series. The “Rise to the top” compelling story that Asians viewers can be inspired from

Zoku 族

Twenty seven-year-old Misha ex-fighter moves to London from Hungary for a better life and new opportunities. Living with his cousin in East End London, Misha finds himself penniless and jobless. He meets his neighbor, Amelia, when he loses his key to the apartment. They strike a friendship. Cousin introduces him to the local eastern Hungarian gang to make a quick buck in an underground fight club. They quickly realize how good Misha is at the fights and lines up a fight with the local turf rival with the Yakuzas. 
Yakuza runs a strip joint that is a front for underground fight club/gambling club. As a wager, the two gangs arrange a fight with their best fighters for a big gambling event to fight over the drug territory. As Amelia and Misha blissfully fall in love, Misha becomes the pawn for the take down night. As Misha wins the fight unexpectedly, the Yakuza wagers a rematch. But the Yakuza leader plans force Misha to lose on the next fight by kidnapping Amelia. Yakuza sends their best weapon, Aya, the girlfriend/head dancer and madam for the prostitutes, to seduce Misha while they take Amelia for insurance.






Feature film

A 25-year- old American girl with obsession for fashion follows her English boyfriend to London only to find herself dumped, homeless, penniless and stuck with the ex’s gambling debt from a loan shark. She moonlights at an escort agency (front as a modeling agency) to pay back the debt. Mary accidentally trips in front of the shop and spills coffee onto Jackson Stonewell, an English lawyer. They have an instant pull towards each other.


The Edge

Documentary feature


Two Gumball Rally drivers, Buttsy and Oliver, decide to take on the real drift underground scene in Tokyo - the ultimate challenge. Notoriously illegal secret society can only be found by the participants. They find their way into the underworld with the help Kato - founder of the renown car modifier in the world. But the acceptance of foreigners is more difficult than imagined. Their professional name and track record mean nothing in this underworld in Japan. Can they break their way in? How will they perform in the home country of car drifting? Through their experience, the insight into the professional driver's mind and life can be revealed. What is the need for speed? 

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