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Triforce  & Esquire Magazine  Present  the Ermenegildo Zegna  

XR Experience


VR brand  activation

Milan 2019 fashion show interactive XR experience with Esquire Magazine and flagship store VR activation project. This consists of VR narrative contents, location based brand activation using interactive VR experience. To be premiered at Esquire Magazine VR booths in Singapore and Singapore F1 Grand Prix. In the following months, flagship store launch by using VR headsets will be activated worldwide.


Vacheron Constantin - Logo.png

Metal Hurlant Chronicles

As an anthology series, each episode is a self-contained science-fiction story taking place in a different world, with different characters played by a different cast and adapted from a story previously published in the Métal Hurlant magazine. However, the show also proposes that all the stories are linked together by an asteroid, called the “Métal Hurlant”, which is passing close to the planet where the episode’s story is taking place.


Mike Kopera


Five strangers are kidnapped and forced to fight to the death, as a form of initiation into a bizarre, violent brotherhood. A violent, action-packed thriller from writer/director Oren Benamor. Starring Adam Rennie, Dan Horton, and David Terrell.

The Cabining

Mike Kopera – Lakeview Productions

Comedy, Horror

Todd and Bruce, a hapless screenwriting team, get one last shot at success thanks to Todd’s wealthy uncle, Sarge. If they pen a worthy horror script, Sarge will fund the entire project. But there is one condition – the script must be complete in two weeks. With the deadline looming and no fresh ideas, Todd and Bruce head to Shangri-La, a serene artist’s retreat, with the hope that the peace and company of fellow artists will inspire greatness… or, failing greatness, at least enough for straight-to-DVD. Shangri-La proves to be anything but serene, as the artists die off one by one, seemingly by accident. Bruce convinces Todd to soak in this morbid atmosphere to help with the writing, but soon those two are fighting for their lives as well.


Precursor to Zoku (VR film)

VR short film and promotional VR video for brands: Vacheron Constantin, Sotheby's, Knight Frank and Space. 

Jin, an illegitimate son of a JapaneseYakuza head and a Hong Kong mistress, he struggles to find his place in the father's empire. He lives a lonely existence abroad trying to prove his worth. He is set on a number of tests by his father to fail to gain his approval and love. Will he give up the ordeal or find another way to fight his way through the betrayals and enemies' backlash? Premiered on for the trailer and retail outlets.

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